70% of organizations say contingent labour is key to their business strategy. And for most, their reliance on contractors and temps is steadily growing in size and importance.

With a strong track record in the SaaS industry, and with representatives across the globe and over 15 years of experience, we have seen significant changes in the industry over time.
We are well positioned to navigate these and other changes in the software market. Whether working with large corporations or for smaller clients, our expertise is invaluable. As more and more companies recognize the value of the ever-changing tech landscape, we will play an integral role in helping organisations capitalise on the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

Technology Consulting

With breadth of experience across the team, we are well versed in software services for multiple industry streams having worked with, and managed, some of the largest organisations globally. We provide an unbiased view and recommendation based on knowledge of the platforms. We are robust in our due diligence when selecting vendors to work with.

Business Strategy

We help companies to build strategies for growth, profitability, technology transformation, operating models and innovation, as well as provide reports and analysis on general trends and predictions for a particular market.


Marketing teams are running to keep up with the fast-changing habits of the consumer now that there are more options in almost everything thanks to the year 2020. Our team helps navigate demanding consumer expectations by distilling data to provide insights, assisting with the design of data-driven campaigns, giving you breathing space to think, and helping you to be one step ahead.

Product Research

Technology start-ups are the norm, with ideas in abundance on how to make your personal or business world more efficient. We can distil what's new, what's coming in the next year, and help organisations to make decisions by researching the market and bringing the best to the table for further exploration leading to a POC.

Application Services

On-premises versus digital and SaaS can be complex for organisations with IT restraints, which can restrict progress to transform workflows for better efficiency. Our team can help to navigate the landscape and provide the IT resources required on a project basis.

Digital Commerce

B2B firms are digitising commerce at a faster pace than ever following the pandemic. Let us help you switch from surviving to thriving.

Customer Experience

Customers, and how they are managed, are paramount to the continued success of your organisation. Our team has experience in both ends of this stream, from the platform’s customer service to the client in need of customer support.

Solution Gathering

Platform companies are at the heart of the digital economy and will become more dominant in our lives in the next 10 years. Solutions are at the forefront of a platform's existence and have become customisable. We manage the complexities of your requirements, building a solution template for success.

For Organisations

We provide the external resources needed to overcome IT and technical resource constraints through research, solution gathering, proof of concept management, infrastructure due diligence, cost negotiation, service delivery and, of course, helping organisations to go live inside an agreed timescale.

For Partners

Our services for partners include the provision of external sales representatives in all territories. We can attend events, exhibitions and trade shows, assisting our partners with product demonstrations, contract negotiations and more, always while maintaining professional standards.


We are looking for like-minded people across the sales and software sectors to bring their expertise to the table, and to help us increase the brand identities, footprints and sales of our valued organisations and partners.
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